Lucky Shoes

I never win lotteries or raffles so I was stunned when I had good luck finding a discontinued shoe I boght repeatedly for 18 years.  My brace man trimmed my leg brace to fit the shoe shown below so I never had to try it on to see if it fit.  On a lark, I went to the shoe store I have been using for 18 years and asked if they had this shoe stashed in the back even though it is no longer made.  I was stunned when the salesman walked ot of the back room swinging 2 boxes with a grin on his face.  They were not only size 6 doble wide, they were the beige color that goes with everything.  He was glad to sell them and I was thrilled to delay wondering if my brace wold fit a new shoe.

P.S.  Sorry some keys on a borrowed keyboard are not working.