Anger Encompasses This Person

Joyce Hoffman
About the Author: Joyce Hoffman is one of the world's top 10 stroke bloggers according to the Medical News Today. With the help of her team, Joyce created this newsletter inspired by the format of Dear Abby. The newsletter is a dialog with Joyce on issues only a survivor could fully understand.You can find the original post and other blogs Joyce Wrote in

Dear Joyce:


I am 32 had my stroke only a year ago, but I still have an angry mood. I argue with my wife, mother, and friends when I know they mean the best for me. Does this anger go away or will I have it forever!


Angry is LA


Dear Angry in LA,


The answer is complicated, and some people get rid of the anger quickly, while some take longer. But no, you won’t have it forever.


I have a theory: the better your life was before the stroke, the longer I will take you to get rid of the anger. There’s a reason for this theory: Let’s say you enjoy your job. You just got a promotion. You go shopping on the weekends and buy another new purse or an article of clothing. All is right with the world, and in a split second, no longer. You have a stroke, and everything goes in the reverse immediately. You no longer have the job, your promotion bit the dust, and you are not able to browse in stores as you once have.


Only by looking back, you realize the anger is going away. But by asking your question, and realizing that an anger mood is not where you want to be, you have an awareness and are cognizant of the fact you don’t want to be angry any longer. Good luck as your anger is slowly losing its grip on you!